4D baby Scan Bromsgrove

If your searching for a clinic that does a 4D baby scan in Bromsgrove, firstly we would suggest you look at if a 4d baby scan is worth it. A 2 D scan of your baby can sometimes be blurry and a bit disappointing, A 3d scan will only show you a 3D image that is a still of your baby, a 4D scan will show a moving 3D image of your baby so we believe it is definitely worth paying the extra when deciding on which baby scan to go for.

When looking at having a 4D baby scan, we suggest you search that term and the area that you live in to find a suitable clinic, for example, if you live Bromsgrove, enter “4D baby scan Bromsgrove” this will bring up a few options, we would then suggest you look at the reviews for 4D baby scan Bromsgrove and then choose the one that looks best for you. Some people will choose the closest to them, or as we have suggested go to the one with the best reviews.

Lets now have a look at what is involved in a 4D baby scan in Bromsgrove. So am image that is formed in a baby scan is made up of soundwaves also known as ultrasound waves, these will be transmitted to a computer to produce the images of your baby. With a 4D scan, the movement will also be produced, this is the fourth dimension (4D).

The best time we would suggest going for a 4d baby scan would be between 27 weeks and 32 weeks of your pregnancy. If you decide to go before the 27 weeks the babies fat under the skin may not have fully developed so you will probably just see the bones of her face, which will not give you a good indication of the babies features.

Lastly, once you have booked your 4D baby scan Bromsgrove, look forward to it! It should be a truly magical and memorable experience.

Baby sleeping

Baby sleeping