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Our worst nightmare is when our beloved pets have an accident or become seriously unwell. In these situations, time is critical, and you need to know where the closest and best emergency vets are. Cats and dogs are curious, and accidents can easily happen in so many circumstances, resulting in them needing life-saving treatment that just cannot wait.

Emergency vets usually charge an additional fee to cover the out of hours costs of leaving a surgery open. This will be sorted out after the treatment is completed – but it’s worth consulting your pet insurance to see if you are covered and having money put aside just in case you ever need an emergency out of hours vets.

Reasons to See an Emergency Out of Hours Vets

In most cases, it will be easy to know when your pet is in serious trouble. Most common reasons for emergency vet visits include being hit by a car, attached by another dog or animal or serious bleeding/injury from a tragic accident.

If your pet becomes suddenly unresponsive, struggling to breathe or has collapsed, you need to get them to emergency vets Watford as quickly as you can.

Other reasons may be heatstroke, frothing at the mouth, an open wound, suspected broken bone, persistent vomiting and diarrhoea, eating something toxic and any time when your pet is giving signs of being in extreme pain. If you are unsure or in any doubt on what to do, call your emergency out of hours vets for advice on whether they need to be brought in.


Emergency Vets

Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations are something that should be taken very seriously. They are one of the best ways to protect against serious diseases that can out your pet’s health at risk. They also act as a preventative measure for your pet’s health and give them the best chance at building their immune system up fully.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations involve injecting a small and weak strain of the virus, giving the pets white cells a chance to react to the antigen and develop a protective response against the disease. This means, if and when they do come into contact with it in the future, they will be able to fight off the infection by giving a defence response

Why You Should Prioritise Cat & Dog Vaccinations

If you don’t go through a pet vaccination schedule, there is a high chance you are putting your much-loved pet at the risk of an infectious disease in the future. It is better to prevent them from getting any viruses rather than treatment, which can be costly and not always work. In some cases, depending on the age and condition of your pet, it can be fatal as a full cure isn’t developed.

Also, it is important for many insurance policies they require you to keep up to date with a pet vaccination to ensure your policy remains valid in the event you need to make a claim.

When Should I Start with Pet Vaccinations?

For puppies, pet vaccinations usually start around 8 weeks old, followed by booster injections 2 weeks later. They then need to have annual booster injections to keep their immune system protected against infectious diseases.

For kittens, their first set of vaccinations usually starts at 9 and 12 weeks old, and the same as dogs followed up by yearly booster cat vaccinations.

It’s important to keep your pet vaccination record safe and check if your vet offers a vaccination reminder service to keep you on top of appointments.

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4D baby Scan Bromsgrove

If your searching for a clinic that does a 4D baby scan in Bromsgrove, firstly we would suggest you look at if a 4d baby scan is worth it. A 2 D scan of your baby can sometimes be blurry and a bit disappointing, A 3d scan will only show you a 3D image that is a still of your baby, a 4D scan will show a moving 3D image of your baby so we believe it is definitely worth paying the extra when deciding on which baby scan to go for.

When looking at having a 4D baby scan, we suggest you search that term and the area that you live in to find a suitable clinic, for example, if you live Bromsgrove, enter “4D baby scan Bromsgrove” this will bring up a few options, we would then suggest you look at the reviews for 4D baby scan Bromsgrove and then choose the one that looks best for you. Some people will choose the closest to them, or as we have suggested go to the one with the best reviews.

Lets now have a look at what is involved in a 4D baby scan in Bromsgrove. So am image that is formed in a baby scan is made up of soundwaves also known as ultrasound waves, these will be transmitted to a computer to produce the images of your baby. With a 4D scan, the movement will also be produced, this is the fourth dimension (4D).

The best time we would suggest going for a 4d baby scan would be between 27 weeks and 32 weeks of your pregnancy. If you decide to go before the 27 weeks the babies fat under the skin may not have fully developed so you will probably just see the bones of her face, which will not give you a good indication of the babies features.

Lastly, once you have booked your 4D baby scan Bromsgrove, look forward to it! It should be a truly magical and memorable experience.

Baby sleeping

Baby sleeping

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a process of cutting down trees individually. A person who cuts down the tree is known as a tree feller.

Many trees are protected by a tree a preservation order, which means that in general, you will need permission from the council to prune or fell them. Certain trees have controls in conservation areas. You can find out more by heading over to www.gov.uk there is advice on there about the rules and regulations on tree felling.

Disputes between neighbours are often caused by tree felling, sometimes if a tree is blocking light or is in the way in a garden it can lead to problems, by law you are not allowed to force your neighbour to cut down a tree and you cannot go on to your neighbour’s property and cut down the tree yourself. If you do enter into your neighbour’s property and harm the tree you could be liable for double or even triple the value of the tree.

Tree felling can be used if the tree is diseased or damaged, and is behind help and cannot be saved, or if it is a safety issue like a risk to a property. You may also need to use tree felling to cut down a healthy tree to use it to make furniture and other woodwork. Whatever the reason for the tree felling it is essential you get in a professional who knows the correct tree felling techniques.

The forestry commission is the relevant authority in England and Scotland. If you are carrying out tree felling you will need a felling licence, this would be issued by your local forestry commission officer who would probably meet you to discuss it.

There are two main methods involved in tree felling. Hand felling is when a tree is cut down using an axe or chain saw. A feller buncher is a motorized vehicle with an attachment which rapidly cuts and gathers trees in the process of felling them. There are also two types of cuts in tree felling an undercut (a standard undercut and a reverse undercut) and a back cut) this cut is made on the opposite side of the tree).



Firewood is becoming increasingly in demand due to the rise in popularity of Log burners.  Wood and log burners are capable of burning wood and fuel as a source of heating and they normally consist of a solid metal stove usually, cast iron or steel.  The stove is then connected to a ventilation pipe to allow all gases to exit and the correct airflow to take place. This is a cheaper, faster alternative to heating multiple rooms than central heating systems. Fresh air or dampness needs to enter the stove to maintain the correct airflow, to achieve this, vents can be opened or damp firewood can be added to the stove. Extremely dry firewood tends to burn at a faster rate meaning large amounts have to be used to reach your desired temperature, therefore damp firewood may be a more sustainable product.

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Other options to consider when choosing firewood is whether you are purchasing hardwood or softwood. Hardwood would usually be heavier and give more energy than the same size piece of softwood. Hardwoods which burn at a slower rate are produced from trees such as Oak and Ash, Softwoods are produced from trees such as Conifers.

Once purchased there are many ways to store firewood, storing firewood outdoors is the recommended type of storage. Firewood should be placed in a stack with the bark facing upwards to allow the correct draining procedure to occur, storing firewood indoors is not recommended due to the risk of insects and termites entering your home.

When required, place your firewood into position within the stove. Add kindling sticks and a couple of larger pieces of wood leaving a 1cm gap between each piece to allow the correct airflow. Finally, add newspaper or firelighters to the top layer and light. You may need to leave the door open slightly until fully lit to provide the fire with good ventilation.

When lighting and burning firewood please ensure all the correct safety precautions are followed.