Emergency Vets Watford

Our worst nightmare is when our beloved pets have an accident or become seriously unwell. In these situations, time is critical, and you need to know where the closest and best emergency vets are. Cats and dogs are curious, and accidents can easily happen in so many circumstances, resulting in them needing life-saving treatment that just cannot wait.

Emergency vets usually charge an additional fee to cover the out of hours costs of leaving a surgery open. This will be sorted out after the treatment is completed – but it’s worth consulting your pet insurance to see if you are covered and having money put aside just in case you ever need an emergency out of hours vets.

Reasons to See an Emergency Out of Hours Vets

In most cases, it will be easy to know when your pet is in serious trouble. Most common reasons for emergency vet visits include being hit by a car, attached by another dog or animal or serious bleeding/injury from a tragic accident.

If your pet becomes suddenly unresponsive, struggling to breathe or has collapsed, you need to get them to emergency vets Watford as quickly as you can.

Other reasons may be heatstroke, frothing at the mouth, an open wound, suspected broken bone, persistent vomiting and diarrhoea, eating something toxic and any time when your pet is giving signs of being in extreme pain. If you are unsure or in any doubt on what to do, call your emergency out of hours vets for advice on whether they need to be brought in.


Emergency Vets